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SACRAMENTO – Blackface has reared its ugly head, again. This time local high school students are said to be responsible for a video that has surfaced on social media.

In the video, a male teen is seen in Blackface makeup and a female teen is seen wearing a crude mask made out of black cloth. Both are said to be students at Sacramento’s C.K. McClatchy High School. The n-word is used throughout the video.

The video has gone viral online and has prompted local leaders to speak out.

“I am aware that two students from our district posted an inappropriate video over social media using racial slurs and engaging in other racially insensitive behavior,” shared Sacramento City Unified School District Superintendent Jorge A. Aguilar in a written statement.

“The use of racially offensive language or behavior in our schools by anyone does not reflect our values as a school district and will not be tolerated,” Aguilar continued.

The school administrator says the incident is now under investigation to determine which district non-discrimination or related policies were violated, and what steps the district can take to address the behavior exhibited by the students in the video.

“This behavior creates anger and trauma and works against efforts to create the diverse, inclusive, and thriving community that we are striving for. We will address this matter with the seriousness it demands and continue to uphold our values and beliefs focused on advancing equity, access, and social justice.”

Sacramento NAACP President Betty Williams says such behavior shouldn’t be ignored.

“McClatchy High School and the Sacramento City Unified School District must take immediate action to address this situation, and discipline the students involved in this repulsive video,” Ms. Williams said in a statement.

“In light of the rapid expansion of White supremacy across the United States, and the dangers it creates, the district needs to send a message that this type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated on any of its campuses.”

Ms. Williams points to another racism-related incident that occurred at McClatchy High School earlier this year. A student enrolled in an advancement program was allowed to include a project in the school’s science fair in which he set out to prove that African Americans lacked intelligence.

“These incidents raise questions about the culture of McClatchy High School and its surrounding community,” Ms. Williams shared.

In January, a female student at Elk Grove Unified School District’s Pleasant Grove High School created a racial firestorm over the winter break when a video she created on campus went viral and made national headlines. In the video, the student made several anti-Black comments including “Black people are trash, they need to die” and “When the police were killing all those Black people, I was so happy.”

Black students at Pleasant Grove High School later came out publicly, sharing how such campus incidents such as finding nooses and hearing the n-word are commonplace.
By: Genoa Barrow
OBSERVER Senior Staff Writer