From The Publisher, Larry Lee

Some people say the Black Press isn’t what it used to be. 

To that, we say, “They are right!” As one of the nation’s leading Black newspapers, The Sacramento OBSERVER    is changing with the times.

Today’s OBSERVER is fresh, innovative and creative. We are smart, sensitive and sophisticated when it comes to communicating with Northern California’s African American community. We are evolving, challenging ourselves to provide entertaining, engaging, enlightening and educational information through our newspapers and a variety of other quality media products. 

The OBSERVER’s history is one of the most successful in the 190-year history of the Black Press. Our publications matter just as much today as they did when they were established in 1962. Over the last half-century, we have both observed and inspired tremendous advances among the region’s African American community. We continue to provide relevant news and service for an audience whose appetite for meaningful information and content go unmet by mainstream media. 

The OBSERVER exclusively serves an audience that matters — the ever-changing and steady-growing Black community of Northern California. Over the last 35 years, Sacramento’s Black community has grown by more than 250 percent, blossoming into one of the most important markets in the nation, with a local buying power of more than $7 billion. During that period, the award-winning OBSERVER has demonstrated time and time again that we are a credible and trusted messenger to connect thoughtful readers, advertisers and other interested clients with our community. 

We invite you to read through and learn more about how to best utilize The OBSERVER to reach this important audience. With our variety of services and decades of experience, we continue to be a valuable resource for information and insight into the African American community. We trust that you will join us in agreeing that this community matters, not only to us, but to you too.

Larry Lee, Publisher and President