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Colour of Music Festival Orchestra

Assembling acclaimed Black chamber ensemble players and artists to form the Colour of Music Orchestra, the festival showcases some of the top classical musicians of African descent in the United States, trained at some of the most prestigious schools in the world. (All photos are by Jason Cohn)

The Colour of Music Festival, Inc. is a music festival dedicated to promoting diverse classical music and honoring the contributions of Black classical composers and performers. The festival presents a wide range of baroque, classical, and 20th-century music, all performed to the highest musical standards. It has been held in multiple cities across the United States, including Atlanta, Charleston, Columbia, Nashville, Houston, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Washington, D.C., Tulsa, and Sacramento.

One of the festival’s primary goals is to raise awareness of the work of Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges, an African-French composer whose compositions were on par with or surpassed those of his contemporaries in the 18th century. Despite international recognition, his music remains relatively unknown in the United States. Additionally, the festival aims to address the limited opportunities for celebrated Black classical musicians to perform with major American orchestras.

Since its establishment in 2013, the Colour of Music Festival has expanded beyond Charleston, South Carolina, where it first began, and now showcases its performances in various cities nationwide. The festival brings together highly acclaimed Black chamber ensemble players and artists to form the Colour of Music Orchestra, featuring some of the most remarkable Black classical musicians in the United States. These musicians have received training at esteemed music schools, conservatories, and universities worldwide.

Also Featuring:

Frank McComb

Frank McComb is a highly acclaimed Soul Jazz recording artist known for his captivating vocals and skillful piano playing. He has received recognition for his musical talents, being hailed as one of the 27 greatest keyboard players of all time by MusicRadar.com. Soultracks.com also nominated him as one of the best male vocalists and recognized his song “High,” featuring Eric Roberson, as a top track in 2019.

Throughout his career, Frank has showcased his versatility as a vocalist, musician, writer, producer, and even as a videographer with his “Overhead Series” on social media. He boasts an extensive collection of original projects, starting with his debut album “Love Stories.”

Frank has collaborated with numerous artists worldwide and has now established the Frank McComb Independent Artist Institute (FMIAI). Through this Master Class program, he shares over 25 years of knowledge and experience from an independent artist’s perspective. The institute also features other esteemed artists, creating a valuable resource for aspiring musicians globally.