Homelessness and skyrocketing rents in Sacramento County raise stakes for the D5 supervisor race

As Moreno, Hume look to replace the board’s famous swing vote, advocates are trying to gauge what they really think about two of the most-pressing issues

By Casey Rafter | Special to the OBSERVER In 1994, Don Nottoli won the race to become Sacramento County’s District 5 supervisor. Thirty years later, he still holds that position. But not for much longer. Nottoli has announced his retirement, leaving voters to choose between…


In Sacramento, Home Buying Is A Near-Impossible Dream

Survey Reflects Area’s Grim Realities As Prices Far Outpace Salaries

By Seth Sandronsky | Special to The OBSERVER In the Sacramento metropolitan area, workers in only six of 58 professions can easily afford to buy a home with their annual salary. At the top of the list of workers with a good chance at homeownership…


Help For Blacks Struggling For Homeownership

Local Real Estate Industry Works To Increase Black Homeownership Rate, Which Remains Lowest Among All Demographics

By Keyshawn Davis | Special to the OBSERVER Three years ago, Elizabeth Peters, a single mother of one, went on a 10-month journey to find a house to buy in Sacramento. The journey was discouraging, says Peters, now 33-years-old, because many investors were outbidding her…


Could a vacancy tax help housing affordability in Sacramento?

City Councilmember Katie Valenzuela has asked city planning staff to look into how this tax could incentivize property managers to reduce rents.

By Alex Muegge | Special to the OBSERVER Sacramento vacant property taxes might be on the horizon for city residents, according to District 4 City Councilmember Katie Valenzuela. She brought up the idea last August in council meetings on the Housing Element during the city’s…



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