1. Tell us about yourself.
Anna Molander Hermann, Democrat

2. What makes you a qualified candidate for school board?
For nearly 20 years—as a parent and a community advocate—I have worked in this district and been effective in making positive change (see list at the end of the bio). I’ve engaged parents and teachers, I understand the issues, and as a parent myself I have a clear understanding of where we need to go and why.

3. Why are you running for the school board?
We can (and must) do better for our kids. From the outside, I’ve been an effective advocate and change-maker. With a seat at the table, I can help institutionalize sustainable practices and create a long-term budget.

We need to rebuild trust and create financial sustainability, so we can focus on our kids. I have the experience and courage to do that.

4. What race and equity issues might you consider during your tenure?
Far too many students of color are expelled/involuntarily transferred and suspended – in fact, a recent Black Parallel School Board, NAACP and SDSU study shows that SCUSD expels and suspends more children of color per year than all of LAUSD,—a far larger school district. We need to use restorative practices to keep children on campus and learning. We need to work together to create an education environment that is anti-racist and provides training to all involved – educators, administrators, and parents – so we can do better to keep children in school and address their needs. And we need to be public and transparent about the process, while purposefully centering Black and brown voices in the work ahead.

As a parent whose daughter has embraced a non-traditional role in gender identity, I feel particularly aware of creating a safe place for every student—no matter how they identify. Every student need access to all the services and supports that will allow them to live and learn without fear of harassment.

5. How are planning to address the achievement gap in your district?
Please refer to included pdf bio.

6. Any additional information/platform
Please refer to included pdf bio.
ABOUT ANNA MOLANDER HERMANN As a parent and an active community member for more than 20 years, Anna has been at the center of efforts to improve the lives of children, families, and neighbors. As the youngest of 9 children, Anna Molander Hermann discovered the strength of family and her dedication to community service at an early age. When she was a first grader, her mother, “Biddy,” unseated an elected incumbent Library board member in a public election, cementing Anna’s love of books and public service. Anna is active in school district issues and has been a relentless advocate for schools, teachers and staff, and students, and has built a strong reputation for building collaborative partnerships with diverse groups. During the pandemic, Anna saw the need for a Districtwide advocacy group that represented the views of families. She reached out across Sacramento to raise awareness of the decisions being made at SCUSD and championed saving SCUSD’s afterschool care and increasing childcare resources throughout the City. Anna will never stop fighting for our kids. At Crocker/Riverside Elementary, she is spearheading a multi-year effort to build a climatefriendly community courtyard that will provide year-after-year fundraising opportunities for the school community while enhancing the neighborhood around the school. As Chair of the SCUSD 7-11 committee, Anna was asked to provide leadership for the district at a time when many parents and children were undergoing distress caused by school closures. Anna brought together over two dozen community leaders, parents, employees, and school officials to develop a community-driven plan to re-use the seven elementary schools that had just been closed. Praised for her effective leadership and ability to build consensus through participation during this critical time, Anna was strongly urged to run for school board by parents and caregivers throughout Sacramento. Paid for by Molander Hermann for School Board 2022 • Labor Donated / Printed In-House • FPPC ID# 1449824 Sac City Parent & Advocate Fighting For Our Kids Anna has served as a City of Sacramento Planning Commissioner, as Chair of the of the Sacramento City Unified School District’s 7-11 committee, and as a mentor to local school children. As an attorney in public service, she has helped protect the healthcare rights and healthcare access of all Californians. Anna and her husband Kai are the overjoyed parents of three amazing kids—Bob, Langston, and Frances—all of whom attend Sac City schools. Kai, and his six siblings, also attended Sac City schools. Anna graduated from Cornell University, where she received a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations, earned her law degree from Hastings College of the Law, and works as a Deputy Attorney General at the California Department of Justice. In her spare time, she enjoys the arts and singing, kickboxing, and spin, and Anna has served on the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra and Land Park Pacific Little League. Anna’s Work in the District partial list: • Fought to save the 4th R school site childcare program. • Built a coalition that successfully lobbied for millions of federal, state, and local dollars for childcare. • Co-founder of a district-wide advocacy organization— Sac City Caregivers & Parents Union. • Spearheaded Crocker/Riverside brick campaign to install a climate-friendly, community space. Anna’s Priorities • Budget. Build a functional, transparent, and sustainable budget for now and for our future. • Trust. Re-establish community trust so we can work together to provide a great education to all our kids. • Enrichment. Ensure every student has school-site support, enrichment, athletics, and the arts. • Community. Improve every school so it is a vibrant community amenity. • Workforce. Focus on recruiting and retaining talented Sacramento City Unified School District employees