The Sacramento Kings, one of the oldest franchises in the National Basketball Association (NBA), have revealed a visually striking logo to mark their upcoming 100th season. With the logo’s intricate design, the team pays homage to each city of the franchise’s storied history, incorporating five jewels set within a majestic crown.

The history-rich journey of the Kings dates back to 1923 when the team was initially established as the Rochester Seagrams. Later, during the early phases of the NBA, the franchise became officially recognized as the Royals. Throughout the decades, the team made significant strides and emerged as the beloved Sacramento Kings.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, the Kings have planned an array of exciting events. Leading the celebrations is an open practice, where both the Kings’ roster and coaching staff will exhibit their skills in various challenges. Such challenges include a thrilling 3-point shootout and heart-stopping half-court shots, showcasing the incredible talents of the players and coaches. Additionally, a captivating rookie talent show will be held to highlight the promising skills of the newest additions to the team.

In a gracious gesture, the Sacramento Kings have made this exclusive event open to the public. Basketball enthusiasts and loyal supporters of the team are welcome to witness these incredible displays of talent. However, it is important to note that tickets are necessary for admission.

The open practice will undoubtedly serve as a moment of unity and celebration for the team and its dedicated fanbase. It symbolizes the remarkable dedication of the Sacramento Kings to excellence, both on and off the court, as they look back on 100 years of basketball history.