By Mardeio Cannon | OBSERVER Columnist 

This will be a hybrid column for you to digest this week. Many of you are driving (myself included) hybrid cars that intersect driving with gas and electric in the same vehicle. This column will intersect politics and sports as I come to you with my bi-monthly message.

As all of you know by now, our former POTUS has been charged with four criminal indictments this year. This is unprecedented in American history as no other POTUS has been charged with so many violations of the law. What makes these indictments so hard to swallow is the fact that the former President is running to regain the office of the presidency and as I pen this column, he is the leading candidate to gain the nomination of the Republican party to face the Democratic candidate who is likely to be President Joe Biden.

All these indictments mean that some or most of these indictments will have a trial date in 2024. That means the eyes of the whole world will be on the jury selection, pre-trial motions and the actual trial, while the former president will be running his campaign for president.

This is where we say on the loudest mountaintop: Thank God for sports to take our attention from the political spin on both sides.

In January 2024, the NFL playoffs will be in full throttle as fans hope that their favorite team still has a chance to make it to the Super Bowl. The NBA will be settling in toward the middle of the season and playoff contenders will be making their moves, while the pretenders will be looking at the lottery.

In February 2024, the Super Bowl winner will be crowned as sports fans will not be paying any attention to CNN, MSNBC News Nation or Fox News.

In March 2024, the NCAA Final Four champion will be crowned as March Madness still has a hold on America.

In April 2024, major league baseball will say “play ball” and everyone will be tuned in to find out where Shohei Ohtani will be playing next.

In May 2024, the Olympic trials will determine who earns a spot on the USA Olympic team and many dreams will come true for athletes who have dedicated their whole lives for this moment.

In June 2024, the NBA champion will be crowned, and we all can dream that the Sacramento Kings will finally win the NBA championship.

In July & August 2024, all eyes will be on the 2024 Olympics that will be held in Paris, France. Go USA!

In September 2024, the NFL will be gearing up and the President campaign will finally get everyone’s attention.

In October 2024, the NBA season gets started and the World Series will have the attention of baseball fans throughout the nation.

In November 2024, America goes to the polls to elect its President. Let’s hope and pray that everyone remains civil and calm during this very contentious election. I will vote by mail and go to Cabo or Cancun to hang out till the election is over.