By Angelica Obioha | Managing Editor

Fitness Friday |  Innovative Strength and Conditioning

Nestled in the heart of downtown Sacramento, Innovative Strength & Conditioning (ISC) is a powerhouse redefining the fitness landscape and fostering a sense of belonging one workout at a time. 

Founded by Toraino Singleton, or “Coach T” as he’s fondly known, the Spartan DEKA affiliate facility caters to beginners and seasoned athletes alike. 

From state-of-the-art strength and functional conditioning equipment, to personalized one-on-one training sessions, mobility drills and youth sports performance classes, the ISC environment is one where learning and progress go hand in hand. 

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Whether it’s building strength, enhancing endurance, or achieving overall well-being, Coach T says there’s something for everyone.

“It doesn’t matter the age, your mobility, athleticism or what your background is. What matters is that you simply want to improve” Singleton said. “And if that’s you, this is the place”

Some of the gym’s standout features include a recovery room offering a cold plunge tub, Normatec compression, and fascia stretch therapy. And if group classes aren’t your thing, ISC also offers an open gym membership for personal use. 

Observer’s Louis Bryant III Goes For It – ISC Workout

Observer's Louis Bryant III Goes For It - ISC Workout