By Mardeio Cannon | OBSERVER Columnist

Mardeio Cannon
Mardeio Cannon

I am sure most of you are still stuffed after gorging yourselves silly with your Thanksgiving feast. The Thanksgiving holiday is the one time in America that no matter your social or economic status, just about everyone gets to enjoy a good meal. I, however, wonder if enough emphasis is placed on the “thanks” in Thanksgiving rather than how much food you can cram down your throat.

Well, since I have a lot to be thankful for, I give you my reasons to be thankful:

  • My faith: I am thankful that I know that when I leave this Earth, I am bound for heaven because of my belief that Jesus Christ died for my sins.
  • My wife: I am blessed to have a wife who loves God and loves to take care of her husband. Her best attribute is that she puts up with me, and for that she deserves a gold medal.
  • My children and grandchildren: I am blessed to have two sons and two daughters and they are living their best lives as adults. They have also blessed us with six beautiful grandchildren and one great-granddaughter who has been the joy of my life these last four years.
  • My family: I am the oldest of 10 brothers and sisters (one deceased) and we are very close. Our birthday Zoom calls are a blast.
  • My nieces and nephews are scattered all over the country and are very respectful.
  • My church and pastor: I am also very blessed to attend and serve in a wonderful church body where the word is taught and the people are friendly and love praising God. We are all very blessed to have a senior pastor whose passion is striving for excellence as a husband, father and as a leader of God’s people.
  • My career: I have been blessed to survive and thrive in the life insurance business for more than 45 years. My career with Colonial Life has lasted more than 43 years. I have traveled all over the world and experienced the best of lodging, food and sights, and have made lifelong friends. My career in insurance was the catalyst that started a lifelong relationship with The OBSERVER that started in 1973.
  • My friends: I also have been blessed to have lifelong friends that have stuck with me through my ups and downs.
  • My health: I have survived and been healed from cancer and a heart attack and have not missed much time from work my entire life. I Thank God for healing and reasonably good health!

Hot-Starting Kings Hit Road For Telling Trip

As of this writing, the Sacramento Kings have won six in a row, their best winning streak since 2005. Their trip this week to Memphis, Boston and Atlanta will be telling as to just how good this team is. I give a lot of credit to coach Mike Brown for changing the culture and De’Aaron Fox playing at all-star level as the keys to success for the Kings this season. Can they keep it up? We’ll see.