Ballots at the Sacramento County voter registration and elections office in Sacramento on Nov. 8, 2022. Photo by Rahul Lal, CalMatters

(CALMATTERS) – With about 1 million ballots from California’s Nov. 8 election left to be tallied as of late Friday, here’s a look at the latest election updates:

  • We know the U.S. House of Representatives is in Republican hands, but just how big will the GOP margin be? The answer could largely be determined by California: As of Sunday, Republicans had 218 seats and Democrats 212, with 3 of the 5 races not called by the Associated Press in California. The closest contest is in the new, open 13th District, anchored in Modesto, where Republican farmer John Duarte is in a tight battle with longtime moderate Democratic Assemblymember Adam Gray. In another closely watched race in Bakersfield, Republican incumbent David Valadao is leading his Democratic challenger, Assemblymember Rudy Salas. And GOP Assemblymember Kevin Kiley is leading Democrat Kermit Jones in the race to represent a 450-mile district whose voters are concentrated in the Sacramento suburbs.
  • A double defeat for the Hertzbergs: Termed-out state Sen. Bob Hertzberg had hoped to win a seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors — but he was beat out by Lindsey Horvath, a progressive West Hollywood city councilmember. And Daniel Hertzberg, who sought to succeed his father in the Senate, lost to Caroline Menjivar, a military veteran who will be the first openly LGTBQ+ legislator to represent the San Fernando Valley. The two races mark a victory for political newcomers from the left over a nascent political dynasty.
  • What’s next for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti? With U.S. Rep. Karen Bass set to take over as mayor of Los Angeles on Dec. 12 — and declare a homelessness state of emergency that day — Garcetti is ramping up his efforts to get the U.S. Senate to confirm his appointment as ambassador to India, the Los Angeles Times reports. Nearly 500 days after President Joe Biden announced the appointment, a vote has yet to be scheduled. “I’m optimistic because a lot of people said, ‘Wait till after the election,’” Garcetti said. “We can focus on it now and I’m optimistic we’ll get it scheduled and get it done. I’m ready to serve.” Garcetti’s confirmation seems to have been stalled in part by reports that he ignored allegations of a former top aide sexually harassing coworkers, according to the Los Angeles Times.