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(WIB) – “Blacks Facts ~ The Ultimate Primer to the Historical and the Hysterical,” is now available in paperback form.

Black studies experts have responded favorably to the work, created by Tim and Deb Smith.

Dr. Daryl Cumber Dance, from the University of Richmond, had a glowing review of the work, calling it an “inspirational, informative, entertaining, and often hilarious study,” in a statement. Dance added that she “can’t wait to give autographed copies to the favorite people” during the holiday season.

The book is the culmination of two years of research and personal response to the upheaval that has rocked society. The Smiths say that their goal was to create something that could serve as a unifying force to build bridges between people. 

Photograph courtesy of Tim and Deb Smith, authors of “Blacks Facts ~ The Ultimate Primer to the Historical and the Hysterical.”

They wanted to do something, anything, that could possibly contribute to an initiative to get our country moving in a positive direction. Since retiring from their teaching careers, they’ve undertaken second careers as writers.

The two have written a weekly feature for our local paper in Rochester, N.Y. since 2015, and this will be their fourth published book. 

“We write non-fiction, so that was a given. We had the notion that we wanted it to be purposeful rather than preachy,” the authors said. “Readers appreciate our ability to inform as well as entertain.” 

The authors felt the most effective way to approach their text would be to recognize the highs and the lows — from the election of the first Black President of the United States, Barack H. Obama, to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Smiths also surveyed the entire spectrum of Black comedy and functioned in the role of research editors, serving up the best of the brightest and most brilliant Black comedic minds.

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