By Russell Stiger Jr. | OBSERVER Correspondent

Arden Stories:  CBD Medizen

Holistic healing has been around for a long time, and CBD Medizen wants to offer you an alternative to certain ailments.

“The majority of the products here I actually formulate,” said Dr. Michael Scott owner of CBD Medizen, who takes into account potency and efficacy. “Our tinctures, our pain creams … everything.”

Dr. Scott acknowledged that sometimes when patients seek treatment for certain symptoms such as pain or insomnia, they may get a general blend of tinctures that also may be administered for anxiety. CBD Medizen, however, individualizes treatments. CBD Medizen offers a specific formula for insomnia that differs from its formulas for pain relief or anxiety. The insomnia formula includes CBD, the strong sedative CBN and melatonin. Dr. Scott makes sure to research brands, products and botanicals that create an efficacious, therapeutic mix.

“We manufacture our products specifically for people’s challenges,” Dr. Scott said.

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