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(WIB) – Besides love, the greatest gift a father can give his children is his time. As fathers we need to provide our children with a lifetime of treasured memories. We need to make sacrifices for our children even if it means losing out on something else. How we spend time with our children demonstrates or tells them how we feel about them. 

Too often fathers think that teaching our children is someone else’s responsibility. 

As fathers we must provide our children with opportunities to learn, and this is first demonstrated by the example we set for them. We must teach our children morals and values. We must teach our children how to make good decisions and to think critically. Serious fathers that see themselves as their child’s first teacher are instrumental in the success their children experience.

Research shows that children who experienced a close, nurturing relationship with their fathers are more emotionally healthy and more comfortable in social settings than children who did not. Children know they are wanted, accepted and loved from the security they get from their families. Shower your children with affection and hug them daily.  Don’t assume they know you love them. Tell them. If you establish good, close bonds with your children, the bonds  will last a lifetime.

As a Serious Father you are your children’s first teacher, and they are inseparable from the examples you set. Therefore, our actions become learning experiences or lessons from which our children can learn. Turn off the television and limit the amount of time your children spend on social media sites. In today’s technological age, we are at war for the minds of our children. Nothing benefits their development more than the quality time we spend with them. Read to and with your children as often as you can. In fact, if your work schedule allows, make it a daily ritual.

Serious Fathers, we must be prepared to step up to the plate and operate in the fullness of our responsibilities to our children and families. Our children are watching us, our mates are counting on us, and we must let it be known – by our actions and behavior – that we can be depended upon. Men, we are the main ingredient to a strong, thriving home. When we as fathers are actively involved in all aspects of our children’s lives, we not only are attentive; we’re becoming important parts of their memories. We can, we must, and we will do better if our children are to flourish. Serious Fathers are the immune system for healthy children.

S. Bruce “Olamina” Stevenson is a native of Baltimore, entrepreneur, father, and author of The Spirit of Fatherhood and Loving Her: 26 Affirmations for Men to Love her Women Better, and Founder of MBRACE Fatherhood.

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