Staff Report

With July 4 just weeks away, the Sacramento Fire Department is reminding residents that shooting off illegal fireworks can come with a hefty fine.

“In our current drought conditions, one errant spark can cause a massive fire resulting in the destruction of property or even death,” said Sacramento Fire Marshal Jason Lee. “If you use fireworks, make sure they have the ‘safe and sane’ label. And if you choose to set off illegal fireworks — such as skyrockets, Roman candles, M-80s or cherry bombs — know that you can face thousands of dollars in fines.”

The Sacramento City Council last year approved new enforcement tools to curb illegal fireworks use and protect neighborhoods. They include:

  • Increased fines: Fines for the use of illegal fireworks are $1,000 for the first violation, $2,500 for the second violation within the first year, and $5,000 for each additional violation within the year of the first violation.
  • Host liability: Fines can be imposed on property owners or renters who allow illegal firework activity on their property.
  • Limited times for “safe and sane” fireworks: These fireworks — which are not explosive, not aerially launched, and have been tested and approved by the state fire marshal — only can be discharged between noon and 11 p.m. June 28 and between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. June 29 through July 4. The sale of safe and sane fireworks is limited to June 28 through July 4 as well.

Residents reporting illegal fireworks should call the City of Sacramento’s non-emergency fire number at 916-808-3473 (FIRE).

They also can use a free online reporting smart-phone app called “Nail – ’em,” which is monitored by the Sacramento Fire Department.

Please note that the City is not always able to immediately respond to reports of illegal fireworks being used because of the volume of calls received.