Nicholas Ibarra | OBSERVER Staff Writer

The timeline representing “Black Art History of Sacramento,” which features a glimpse of the Black creativity of Sacramentans from the 1990’s to present day. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Marie Hawkins.)

Sacramento has a rich history of art, creativity and culture. Faith McKinnie and other artists have come together to tell the story of how that history has evolved into the art that is being created and presented today.

From now until May 7 from 1-6 p.m., come and experience the thoughtful exhibition of art, culture and history created at the heart of Sacramento. 

The exhibition is located at the Arden mall next to J. Crew and is presented by Arden UnchARTed, a public arts program that is fully funded by Arden Fair. 

The section of the exhibition that features “Black Creativity At the Heart of Sacramento,” depicting how Black artists built and uplifted the city with arts and culture. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Marie Hawkins.)

The painting exhibition is broken into two different sections, Black Creativity at the HeART of Sacramento, which features original works from Black Sacramentan artists as well as a timeline depicting the history of artistic works that have happened in Sacramento, and Arden UnchARTed through the years, which features works from 2018, when Arden UnchARTed first began.

Sacramento’s very own artists featured in the exhibition include, but are not limited to: 

  • Aliyah Sidqe
  • Beth Consetta Rubel 
  • Dreaming Black 
  • Dwight Head 
  • Gerry GOS” Simpson 
  • Jermaine Tilson
  • Joha Harrison
  • Juanita Gonzales 
  • Keia M. Kodama 
  • Monét Alysette 
  • Shonna McDaniels 
  • Tasha Nichole King 
  • Unity Lewis 
“The Many-Colored Threads That Weave The Collective Dream” by Bryan Valenzuela is a mural which was put together using literal words and phrases submitted from the Sacramento community explaining what they hope to achieve and get back to after losing a year and half to the pandemic. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Marie Hawkins.)

“It’s an exploration of Black creativity throughout Sacramento,” said Faith McKinnie, guest curator of the HeART of Sacramento exhibition. “Our youngest artist is 13 and our oldest artist is in his late 60’s, so people will get to see this amazing intergenerational show of Black artists working in Sacramento and inspiring creativity.”

Be sure to come out and celebrate the Black art history and culture of Sacramento and experience the mesmerizing artwork created by fellow Sacramentans.