By Jared D. Childress | Special to the OBSERVER

Dr. Rex Fortune and his son, Rex Fortune III, recently authored “African American History Presentation: Video Lesson Plan” to provide teachers with tools to teach Black history in the classroom. 

Dr. Rex Fortune and Rex Fortune III’s latest book, “African American History Presentation: Video Lesson Plan,” hit shelves on March 28, 2022.

The book, released through Dr. Fortune’s research and publishing company Fortune & Associates, is an interactive guide that incorporates videos to teach African American history. The curriculum is based on the research of lifelong educator Dr. Fortune and the California State Standards.

“This book is essentially a lesson plan for educators who teach U.S. history or Black studies,” said Dr. Fortune who is the CEO & President of Fortune & Associates. “It centers on four critical questions I pose to make the history current.”

Rex III, co-author and Vice President of Fortune & Associates, said the book is important because Black history is often overlooked.

 “My U.S. history class didn’t cover Black history at all — and it was an [Advanced Placement] class,” said Rex III. “The AP exam actually had Black history on it. So it’s very important, whether you’re in a suburban district or a diverse school district,”

Under Fortune & Associates, Dr. Fortune and Rex Fortune III have published several books and more than 100 videos designed to help educators and parents close the academic achievement gap.

“Far too many books used in schools are lacking our history,” said Dr. Fortune. “There ought to be more of an effort to expose all children — and certainly African American children, to Black history.”

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