By Nicholas Ibarra | OBSERVER Staff Writer

The event, created by the IAMSAC Foundation, will begin on March 18 at 10 a.m. and go till 3 p.m., in front of California’s State Capitol in Sacramento. The IAMSAC Foundation is honored to introduce the first National Justice and Accountability Campaign honoring the families throughout the United States that have been traumatized by law enforcement brutality.

IAMSAC is a movement unified by social, transformative, and restorative justice built on the foundation of the SAC6 — bridge the gap between law enforcement and at-risk communities; inform and educate on policy and legislative change; provide resources and healing spaces for those in need in the community; commemorate the legacy of Stephon Clark; receive recommendations from the community on how to prevent something like this ever happening again; and spreading the energy of love to everybody.

This all-day event will feature keynote speakers, family testimonials, entertainment, and vendor opportunities.

The March will bring together the voices of their family members affected by social injustices beginning with the Stephon Clark Family, George Floyd Family, Ahmaud Arbery Family, Eric Garner Family, and hundreds of other family members.   

The keynote speakers in attendance, include the following:

  • Rev. Al Sharpton
  • Stevante Clark (brother of Stephon Clark)
  • Benjamin Crump
  • Shaun King
  • Tamika Mallory
  • Deon Taylor
  • Matt Barnes

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