Dr. Tecoy Porter has announced his run for the California State Assembly District 10. The long-time resident of Elk Grove has previously campaigned for California’s 6th Senate District seat, however, the newly redrawn district lines caused Porter to change his campaign.

“The newly redrawn congressional and legislative districts will allow me to achieve bigger strides in making neighborhoods throughout the state more equitable for all citizens,” siad Dr. Porter, pastor of Meadowview’s Genesis Church. “I am pivoting to the State Assembly District 10 race because I feel it is a better vehicle to make this happen. As in the previous race, the mission and purpose of bringing representation to the Capitol is the same.”

Dr. Porter already has a strong base that will continue to support his run for state assembly. The latest endorsement comes from former Sacramento City Councilmember Lauren Hammond. 

“I am happy to endorse Pastor Tecoy Porter for the new 10th Assembly District,” said Hammond. “He is intelligent, compassionate and believes in hard work. He knows his neighbors from Oak Park to Elk Grove and will represent them well.”

Redistricting happens once every 10 years, after every census, to ensure that each district has the same amount of people. It’s the second time that California’s districts have been redrawn by a 14-member independent commission.