By Genoa Barrow | OBSERVER Senior Staff Writer

Nikki Cooper

Some of the best things in life come with a drizzling of chocolate.

Having perfected the recipe for running a successful restaurant and surviving through a global pandemic, California entrepreneur Nikki Cooper is looking to feed folks in a different way, as an author. Cooper recently released her second children’s book, “Chocolate Covered Courage with Blessings on Top.” The book, a continuation of a series, is aimed at inspiring aspiring readers.

Cooper says she was inspired to write her first book, “Chocolate Covered Gratitude

with Blessings On Top,” by feeling the sting of isolation in many spaces she’s occupied throughout her life. The intention of each book, she says, is to empower children to “become their own heroes by discovering their authentic power and creating sovereignty over their lives by the good choices they make during their life’s adventures.” 

In “Chocolate Covered Courage with Blessings on Top,” Cooper takes readers on a magical outdoor adventure of choices and stresses the importance of courage and honesty. 

Cooper is a restaurateur in San Francisco, where she was born and raised. There, she transformed her family’s 44-year-old restaurant, Two Jacks, into a landmark. The restaurant, known for its Southern seafood dishes, is recognized for its longevity as a Legacy Business and Cooper, as its owner, was honored by her local NAACP branch as its 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year.

Cooper has local ties, as she earned her bachelor’s of arts degree in French and International Relations from UC Davis. Her main character, a little Black girl, in Chocolate Covered Courage with Blessings on Top,” is named Davis. 

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