By Mardeio Cannon | OBSERVER Columnist

OPINION – Even though the Sacramento Kings have played the toughest schedule of any NBA team so far, the Kings are hanging tough with a 6-8 record after 14 games. This record has been achieved by the inspired play of three players led by Harrison Barnes, Richaun Holmes and Buddy Hield! The Kings are also pleased with the play of prized rookie Davion Mitchell and second-year combo guard Tyrese Haliburton.

However, it is a well acknowledged fact that the star of the Sacramento Kings is point guard De’Aaron Fox. Fox is entering his fifth year of service with the Kings after being drafted fifth out of the University of Kentucky. 

Because of his improving play since he entered the NBA, Fox signed a max rookie extension. The talented guard is making about $28 million this year. This is a tremendous jump from his rookie scale of $8 million a year.

Being labeled the best player on the team comes with expectations of superior play on the court. However, as most Kings fans are well aware, Fox has gotten off to a below average start this season. Fox, through his off-season workouts, has bulked up his muscles to withstand the pounding he endures with his drives to the basket. Fox has never been a great shooter, however his shooting in all areas is down this year.

The Kings have been starting 6’9” Maurice Harkless at the power forward position and so far, the results of his play have been underwhelming.

Head coach Luke Walton has not gone back to fourth-year power forward Marvin Bagley III to replace Harkless in the starting line-up.

I have gone on record in my opposition to the Kings trading for Philadelphia 76ers disgruntled point guard Ben Simmons who has yet to play in the NBA this season. The Sixers President of Basketball Daryl Morey has repeatedly stated that he will not trade Simmons unless he receives a star player in return.

I am now willing to listen to a trade of Simmons to the Kings for De’Aaron Fox!! I have come around to this train of thought because I believe that this trade will help both teams. The Kings can free up the logjam back court at the point guard position and allow more playing time for Mitchell and Haliburton. The Kings would add more defense and rebounding by acquiring the 6’10” Ben Simmons — who is also a playmaker and a good ball handler — and moving him to their frontcourt.

The Sixers would get a speedy point guard in Fox to add to the versatility of the Sixers’ offense and make the Sixers stronger in the very competitive Eastern Conference.

OK Kings fans I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, however, I will take the call from Darly Morey and listen to a potential deal.