Nicholas Ibarra | The Sacramento Observer

The City of Sacramento is seeking community input about what qualities they find most important to help guide the  selection of a new Chief of Police to lead the Sacramento Police Department. 

Tell the City Manager, Howard Chan, your thoughts in this simple online survey:

Qualities listed for ranking include “relationship builder,” “cultural awareness and inclusion,” “politically savvy and emotional intelligence,” and many others. There is also a blank space for survey takers to submit their own desired qualities that are not listed, as well as a blank space that allows you to state which community challenge you think is most important for the Chief of Police to address. 

Hearing from our residents and understanding their values is incredibly important to how our city operates,” said Chan. “The input received via this survey will help to inform and guide our recruitment process.” 

The City Manager hires the Chief of Police under the City of Sacramento’s charter. 

The City of Sacramento’s chief oversees around 750 sworn officers and 350 professional staff—non-sworn members—across four offices: Office of the Chief, Office of Operations, Office of Investigations, and Office of Specialized Services. 

If you have any other questions or would like to provide further input in addition to this survey, contact WBCP’s Vice President/Recruiter, Sam Sackman, at (541)630-0657 or