(CALMATTERS) – California’s independent redistricting commission released its first draft maps Tuesday for what new congressional, state Senate and state Assembly districts might look like after the latest Census. The commission picks back up today to hear public comment on these visualizations, after last week’s sessions hearing from community groups and individuals advocating for their boundaries

Though they’re far from final, the congressional visualizations display some potential flashpoints. They show early wins for Republicans who want to see the Democratic stronghold of Tracy grouped with the Bay Area instead of the Central Valley. They also show, as expected, fewer districts in Los Angeles County, which could lead to the loss of a district likely to elect a Black representative. The congressional redistricting is complicated by the fact that California is losing one of its 53 U.S. House seats for the first time in history

The commission plans to approve preliminary maps in mid-November and the final maps by Dec. 27 so they can be used for the June 2022 primaries. Tune into the meetings here, and follow along with Sameea’s reporting to see what kind of redistricting is going on the local level.