Illustration by Anne Wernikoff, CalMatters; iStock

(CALMATTERS) – Newsom has six days left to decide the fate of some 400 bills. And many of his decisions will impact donors who just spent millions helping him defeat a recall. CalMatters’ Laurel Rosenhall takes a look at some of the powerful interest groups that spent big — and whether those investments help them influence state policy. Top players include tech and Native American tribes, which each chipped in $3.8 million; Hollywood, which spent $3.9 million; real estate groups, which contributed $5.3 million; and labor unions, which spent a whopping $25.7 million to keep Newsom in office.

“If you start from donation-land and you drive to decision-land, that road used to be a lot longer. But thanks to the recall it’s half a block away.”

Jessica Levinson, an ethics expert and Loyola Law School professor

In other bill news, Newsom on Friday signed a stack of health care-related legislation, capping off a week of high-profile signings related to police reform and racial justice and affordable housing. But female lawmakers questioned why the group of legislators surrounding Newsom at the press conferences was predominantly men when women had authored numerous bills in both packages. “There definitely are women legislators who are feeling unseen,” said Assemblymember Laura Friedman, a Glendale Democrat. Newsom’s office noted that three women who were invited to the events were not able to attend.