By Nicholas Ibarra 

On Thursday Sept. 2, Roberts Family Development Center will be holding the first Guardians Gather event. The event “calls to action” fathers, male mentors, and role models of Leataata Floyd Elementary School and presents them with the task of walking their scholar to school on their first day back. 

Roberts Family Development Center’s (RFDC) mission is to provide services to the Greater Sacramento area that meet the individual needs of each family member. With Sacramento implementing in person schooling again, RFDC is focused on encouraging male leaders such as mentors, fathers, and role models to take part in the first day back at Leataata Floyd Elementary on September 2nd. It is being asked that the men participating walk their scholar to school in solidarity with the larger movement. Emphasizing the youths’ support in all areas including academic achievement. With school starting at nine in the morning we are asking participants to start walking at their earliest convenience to be on time for their first day. “We need the men in our community to help lead the way,” explains Darrell Christmas, the RFDC lead of this project.

Roberts Family Development Center has been serving the Sacramento Area since 2001.