Donna Sheldon, a registered republican, stands outside of her mobile home in Santa Ana on August 28, 2021. According to Sheldon, she will be voting to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sept.14. “I feel as though he is destroying the state,” Sheldon said. Photo by Pablo Unzueta for CalMatters

(CALMATTERS NETWORK) – Golden State stimulus checks of $600 or more started landing in Californians’ mailboxes on Friday — about two weeks before the Sept. 14 recall electionNewsom said the money, which will ultimately reach two out of every three residents, was intended to provide “direct relief for Californians hit hardest by the pandemic.” But potentially up to 2 million of the state’s most vulnerable residents — low-income retirees, veterans and disabled Californians who receive government benefits and don’t work — were excluded. And that omission, they told CalMatters’ Jackie Botts for the latest in the Building Bloc series on key voters, may have cost Newsom their support.

 “You just erased a whole section of society, and we feel pretty marginalized and erased already. And we vote.”

Crystal Vazquez, 64, who lives in a trailer in Prunedale and receives disability benefits

“If Newsom isn’t going to support my people, it makes it very hard for me to support him.”

Marcus Buchanan, a 41-year-old Iraq veteran who lives in Lake County

Still, Newsom got some good news Tuesday when FiveThirtyEight, a national polling aggregation site, found that 51% of likely California voters would keep him in office, compared to 45.4% who would remove him. The dramatic change — a few weeks ago, barely more than a percentage point separated the two groups — appears to be due to SurveyUSA adjusting its methodology in its latest poll.