Today, the Sacramento Metro Chamber – in partnership with SAFE Credit Union – is proud to launch a corporate culture indicators survey and debut a series of diversity, equity and inclusion training modules that are free and available now for utilization by businesses throughout the Greater Sacramento region. The diversity, equity and inclusion trainings tools were custom designed by the Sacramento-based data and compliance company Emtrain, and the summarized results of the indicators survey will be available for businesses interested in getting a baseline understanding of its workforce while identifying what is working well and what opportunities exist to help pave a path for a more successful future.

“After an incredibly challenging 18 months, the economic recovery ahead provides a unique opportunity to thoughtfully evaluate and create inclusive prosperity that will positively impact generations to come,” said Amanda Blackwood, President & CEO of the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. “We are proud to partner with SAFE Credit Union to make the elevated training program and the workplace social indicator survey tool available to all regional businesses. In short, let’s build back better!”

To get started, interested regional businesses are encouraged to invite all staff to participate in the anonymous, 10-minute online assessment that is available here. The short survey is made up of video snippets that provide the context of current events and provocative workplace scenarios to gauge employee sentiment. Once areas of opportunity are identified, a library of training modules is available to help businesses tackle complex issues. For a topline, benchmark snapshot of the entire region when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion in the workforce, a summary of the corporate culture indicators survey will be available early next year.

“This critically important effort is designed to find measurable and meaningful ways to advance and celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce and was one of the very first initiatives I helped to put in place when I started my new role with the Chamber earlier this year,” said SAFE Credit Union President and CEO Dave Roughton who began serving as Board Chair of the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce as of February 2021. “Greater Sacramento is one of the nation’s most diverse metropolitan areas, so it’s essential that our businesses lead

the way to include diverse voices, lift others to success through equity practices, and create inclusive cultures in our workplaces for a more thriving, resilient region.”

This new initiative is in alignment with the Metro Chamber’s “Commitment to Change” that is highlighted by a priority to create a more inclusive and equitable economy for the regional business community and is supported by a Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging taskforce established to focus distinctly on educational opportunity and governance structure and operating principles. For more information about the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, its mission, and initiatives, please visit