Health care employees work at a COVID-19 testing site at Veterans Hall in Fort Bragg on Aug. 10, 2021. Photo by Mary Rose Kaczorowski, The Mendocino Voice

(CALMATTERS) – COVID hospitalizations have hit record levels in six rural Northern California counties — the result of sharp spikes in infections and low vaccination rates. Paired with a Monday order from the California Department of Public Health requiring hospitals to accept transfer patients from facilities with limited ICU capacity, it’s the latest indication that the pandemic is far from over, Kristen Hwang reports for CalMatters.

Another indication: Two of the counties have zero ICU beds available. Others are cancelling elective procedures and limiting visitors. To see which counties have record hospitalizations and how your county is faring, check out Kristen’s report.

 At this point we are not allowing any visitors except for birth or imminent death. We regret that decision. We regret we have to get there.

Dr. Alexander Heard, Adventist Health Sonora’s medical officer