Antonio R. Harvey | Observer Staff Writer

After three months on the campaign trail, Sacramento prosecutor Paris Coleman has taken himself out of the race for the county’s District Attorney seat without giving reasons.  

With no prior political experience, Coleman would have been the first Black American elected to the county D.A.’s office. But that moment could now be in the hands of fellow Black county prosecutor Alana Mathews who is also running for the position in 2022. 

Phone calls by The OBSERVER to Coleman went unanswered about his sudden exit from a race that included Alana Mathews.   

The current Sacramento County D.A. Anne Marie Schubert announced that she is running for the state’s Attorney General position and she endorsed Coleman to be her replacement.

After his announcement in April, Coleman sounded excited about the opportunity to show the county that he would carry out the prosecutorial duties and responsibilities of criminal investigations and serving as a courtroom advocate. 

All of that has changed.

“When I was approached I realized this was an opportunity,” Coleman told The OBSERVER in April. “I felt that I was the person who could hopefully do things that needed to be done in a way that would be consistent with what I believe needs to happen in prosecutions to help our communities.” 

At the present Mathews and Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney Thien Ho will vie for the seat soon to be vacated by Schubert. Coleman’s perspective of being the county’s top attorney is now a foregone conclusion. He was aiming to bring the community and law enforcement together.

“It’s time that prosecution gets with a lot of things that are going on. I think that we’ve tried to keep up,” he said. “The system is not broken. I believe that it works. But there is a significant disconnect between some of our communities, particularly, communities of color, and law enforcement. That cannot be allowed to continue.”