(CALMATTERS) – A little more than three weeks after California fully reopened, the state’s coronavirus positivity rate has tripled from 0.7% to 2.1%, COVID hospitalizations have risen 34% and the highly infectious Delta variant is accounting for an increasingly large proportion of positive cases. But the pandemic is now primarily raging among unvaccinated people: The Bay Area, one of the most highly vaccinated regions in the world, didn’t report a single COVID-19 death from Sunday through Tuesday — the first time three consecutive days passed without a COVID fatality in more than 15 months, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. In San Diego County, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated residents make up 99.8% of deaths, 99.88% of hospitalizations and 99.1% of cases. Statewide, only 0.0003% of the more than 19.5 million Californians fully vaccinated as of June 23 died from the virus, CalMatters’ Barbara Feder Ostrov reports.

 “This is the call to anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated: Get vaccinated. What more evidence do you need?”

Gavin Newsom on Wednesday

Meanwhile, a coronavirus outbreak is sweeping through the state Capitol, prompting the state Assembly to consider a vaccine mandate for members and employees.