Through Authors Uncovered, the Sacramento Public Library is offering a front-row seat to the minds of those who’ve put great stories and research onto the page. 

New York-based author and screenwriter Ben Philippe will be featured on Wednesday, July 14 at 5:00 p.m. Currently, all author events will be broadcasted on Zoom. 

Philippe is the author of “Sure I’ll Be Your Black Friend: Notes from the Other Side of the Fist Bump.” 

“Sure, I’ll Be Your Black Friend” is Philippe’s first book of adult nonfiction. In this collection of essays the native Haitian recounts memories of his immigrant childhood, teenage years, following into his college years during the age of President Barack Obama, and continuing into his adulthood during the Trump administration. Humorous, candid, and disarming, “Sure, I’ll Be Your Black Friend” is his account of being Black in America today and how White people can do better.

Philippe has also written two young adult novels, “Field Guide to the North American Teenager,” winner of the 2020 William C. Morris Award, and “Charming as a Verb.”

Signed copies of “Sure, I’ll Be Your Black Friend,” are available at Authors Uncovered’s partnering bookstore Underground Books, located in Oak Park at 2814 35th Street.

Advance registration for this virtual event on Zoom is required and available online at