RIO LINDA – Through a partnership with the Cosumnes Fire Department, approximately 700 Twin Rivers employees received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine last week.

Twin Rivers Teachers And Support Staff Receive COVID-19 Vaccines

Teachers and support staff were vaccinated as talks of wider school reopening continues. Vaccinations were also open to others as well.

Among those rolling up their sleeves at Rio Linda High School were licensed childcare provider Tequilla Miller.

“I barely felt it,” Ms. Miller said, adding that she wanted to protect not only the children under her care, but older siblings and family members they return home to.

Volunteers for the vaccination clinic included Tabitha Thompson, principal of Morey Avenue school.

“I understand how important vaccination is for everyone to get,” Ms. Thompson said.

“I hope that everyone has decided that we can get vaccinated so that all of our kids are able to come back to school very soon,” she continued.

Those who got the shot need to return on March 26 for their second dose.