SACRAMENTO – On Feb. 19, at 10:00 a.m., the Sacramento Homeless Union and supporters went to City Hall to serve Mayor Darrell Steinberg with a “Notice of Intention to Recall” and file it with the City Clerk.

The notice is pursuant to the relevant sections of the Sacramento City Charter and the Election Code of the State of California. The Union and the “Committee to Recall Darrell Steinberg” has obtained the required number of valid signatures and presented other filing documents at that time.

The Sacramento Homeless Union legal counsel Anthony Prince and local union president Crystal Sanchez made remarks prior to the action and held a press conference immediately following service and filing of the Notice.

The Sacramento Homeless Union has specifically accused Steinberg of failure to protect renters, build 63,000 units of affordable housing, inability to protect businesses, engage in community solutions and taking in accounts ideas by residents, and failure to protect and provide for the unhoused.

About 28,000 valid signatures from registered voters are needed to force a recall.

Steinberg has been in the headlines lately and on many different levels. The residence was invaded when demonstrators began by throwing rocks, stealing security cameras, and destroying lighting fixtures,” SPD said in a written statement.

Steinberg said the action was a political demonstration.

“This was not protest. This was anarchy. You want to challenge me, challenge me at City Hall. Challenge me at the ballot box,” Steinberg said.

By Antonio R. Harvey | OBSERVER Staff Writer