The November 3 General Election is just days away and more than 384,000 Sacramento County voters have already returned their ballots, representing 43 percent of registered voters in the county.

Last weekend, 18 Vote Centers opened and more than 4,200 voters have cast a ballot in-person. On Saturday, October 31, the remaining 66 Vote Centers open, giving voters 84 different locations to cast their ballot in person, register to vote, drop off a voted ballot or receive special assistance while they vote.

Remember, if you are not voting in-person, ballots must either be dropped off in a drop box by 8 p.m. November 3, or postmarked November 3 through the mail to be counted.

Committed to a Safe and Secure Election

Electioneering, voter intimidation or any other disruptions at the Vote Centers will not be tolerated. Anyone that creates a disruption or breaks Election code on electioneering at a Vote Center will immediately be requested to leave the property. Electioneering isn’t just talking to voters about candidates, propositions and measures. Electioneering also includes wearing clothing, hats or buttons depicting a specific candidate, proposition or measure. Voters that are wearing campaign material will be asked to remove it before allowing them to vote.

Results – They Aren’t Final on November 3

While the first release of results happens after 8 p.m. on November 3, those results are in no way final. The county Elections Office has been tabulating ballots since Monday – the first release of results will only be inclusive of early voting. All in-person voting on November 3, as well as drop box and Vote by Mail ballots received on November 3 and after will be tabulated and released in subsequent results. California allows for 29 days after the Election to certify the vote; in addition to 17 days after November 3 to receive a mail ballot postmarked by November 3.

Vote: Pick a Way, ANY Way

Choose how, when and where you want to vote.

By Mail: All registered voters received a ballot in the mail. Place the voted ballot inside the envelope provided, sign the envelope and return – your postage is paid!

Vote Center: With the passage of the California Voter’s Choice Act, traditional polling places were replaced with Vote Centers that are open for up to 11 days, including Election Day. This means voters can choose when, where and how they want to vote – at ANY Vote Center in the County. Avoid the lines, vote early.

  • At the Vote Center, you can drop off your completed ballot OR vote in person. There is even weekend voting.
  • 18 Vote Centers are currently open for 11 days
  • An additional 66 Vote Centers open for four days beginning October 31, 2020
  • Eligible residents can also register to vote, update their registration and cast their ballot at a Vote Center, even on the day of the election.

Drop Boxes: Voted/signed ballots may be placed in any of the 71 secure Drop Box locations throughout Sacramento County.

When using a drop box, ensure that is an official, secure box provided by your County Election’s Office. All official County dropboxes have the Sacramento County wave logo on them.

A complete list of Vote Center and Dropbox locations can be found online at