SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Authorities in Sacramento were searching Thursday for an armed man who fired several times at a police sergeant before speeding away.

Officers went to a home in North Sacramento Tuesday night after 50-year-old Albert Wheeler’s family family reported that he had a gun and was threatening to commit suicide, police Chief Daniel Hahn said in a videotaped statement.

When the officers spotted Wheeler driving a truck in the area, they tried to get him to pull over but he refused and led them on a chase through the neighborhood, Hahn said.

Police said Wheeler looped back to the house and he fired several rounds at a sergeant who went to check on his family, striking his patrol car twice.

Hahn said when the sergeant realized that Wheeler was leading the chase back to the house, he hurried the man’s family back into the house.

The sergeant’s action prevented a possible tragedy, the chief said.

“We’re very thankful that our sergeant went back to that house and was able to get that family to safety and was able to get himself to safety behind that squad car,” he said.