SACRAMENTO – In May, the Sacramento City Council voted to increase next year’s budget for the Sacramento Police Department by $10 million, bringing SPD’s total budget to $157 million.

In the wake of community outcries following the killing of George Floyd, other cities including Los Angeles and Seattle are divesting from the police. People from the community familiar with the situation say Sacramento needs more investment in communities — not more funding for police.

Community leaders are rallying to urge the City Council to take back the additional $10 million to the Sacramento Police Department, but the public needs to act before the fiscal year begins July 1.

On Tuesday, a joint meeting between the City Council and the Youth Commission, the youth will present their requests for COVID-19 relief funding toward the end of the agenda.

In an email sent by community leaders it was written: “This is the perfect moment to lift up the voices of the youth and make sure the voice of the community is heard within the halls of power.”

For Instructions, call into the Council Meeting at 5:00 p.m., (916) 808-7213. Follow the instructions provided to get into the queue to give public comment on Item 2 – “Review of Local Emergency Declaration – Civil Unrest.”

For individuals that cannot participate in the meeting live, submit comments by emailing them to or by leaving a voicemail at (916) 808-5908.

Watch the meeting live at –