(CALMATTERS) – We know things are bad. Today, when he proposes a revised state budget, Gov. Gavin Newsom will tell us a bit more about how bad things really are.

In January, the governor proposed an ambitious $222 billion budget with a surplus of nearly $6 billion. Now his budget needs to account for a deficit he estimated at $54 billion

  • Newsom on Wednesday: “Our values will not change. The numbers have radically changed. … We couldn’t do everything we proposed in January. You’ll see that as a general theme tomorrow, and there are some sobering and deep challenges that we have to address head-on.”

Legislators will then debate Newsom’s proposal. They need to reach an agreement by June 15, when they are constitutionally bound to pass a budget. But since the state won’t know its total revenues until July — when deferred income and sales tax payments come in — the budget will likely be revised again later.

But it isn’t just massive cuts on the horizon.

Tuesday, Senate Democrats unveiled a series of proposals to increase state support for renters, homeowners and landlords amid the pandemic.

And Wednesday, Newsom proposed a roughly $300 million increase for the state’s emergency and disaster response, including 12 Black Hawk helicopters at $24 million a pop to help fight wildfires — which are up 68% from this time last year.

  • Newsom: “The hots are getting hotter, the drys are getting drier, the wets are getting wetter. There’s a new reality. For those that don’t believe in climate change or science … come to California. Visit us. Learn about climate change firsthand, because even if you deny it, your own eyes may tell you something very, very differently.”