SACRAMENTO – Sacramento City Unified School District, the City of Sacramento, and Comcast announced a new effort to provide Sac City Unified families with free internet access. The new initiative, called Sac City Kids Connect, provides Comcast’s Internet Essentials program to qualifying low income families with internet access, provided they live in a Comcast service area. As part of the Sac City Kids Connect program, eligible families will be provided with a special code to access six months of free internet. The access codes will be provided in the coming weeks.

More information including eligibility requirements and instructions about how to sign up for the program can be found at The site is designed for use with mobile phones or tablets.

“Our mission to meet our students’ academic, social and emotional needs didn’t end when schools closed,” said Sac City Unified Superintendent Jorge Aguilar. “Lack of internet access is a barrier, even during normal times. In these extraordinary times, this barrier becomes all the more evident for many of our students, but especially our most vulnerable. We continue to work tirelessly to remove every obstacle that might prevent our students from reaching their educational goals.”

“The reality is that even in our Capital City many kids can’t connect to online learning because they lack access to the internet,” said Sac City Unified Board President Jessie Ryan. “An inability to access the internet should never prevent learning. This is why we are proud to launch this public-private partnership with Comcast and the City of Sacramento which will connect our kids to internet access and the opportunities they deserve. There are many uncertainties in this crisis, but what remains consistent is our commitment to supporting student success.”

“Here at the city one of our top concerns is making sure young people growing up in all of our neighborhoods have a chance to stay here and get a good job,” said Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg. “Unless we get them connected to the internet, this coronavirus pandemic threatens to put kids who already have a lot to overcome at an even greater disadvantage.”
“Internet access is more important now than it has ever been,” said John Gauder, Senior Vice President, Comcast California. “We are so pleased to partner with Sac City Unified and Sacramento’s visionary leadership team to help students get free access to the internet at home. For many, this will be the first time they have had that access and it is hugely meaningful.”

Sac City Unified began its distance learning on April 13 and has worked to provide its students with access to computers and the internet. Today’s announcement of Sac City Kids Connect begins a public-private partnership that will serve as a model for districts throughout the state. The district estimates that approximately 6,600 of its students currently do not have internet access.

Families who already signed up for Internet Essentials in order for their SCUSD students to participate in distance learning can have their accounts converted to a Sac City Kids Connect in order to get the extra months of free service. Families can contact their school principal or fill out the online form.

Since 2011, more than 8 million low-income Americans have been connected to the Internet at home through Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, 90 percent of whom were not connected to the Internet at home until they signed up through Internet Essentials. This includes more than one million residents across California, which is the number one state in terms of overall participation in the program.