SACRAMENTO — The quad area on the grounds of Christian Brothers High School on Tuesday looked like any other campus full of teens, hanging out, socializing, or studying for a class. It was a serene environment.

These Christian Brothers High School students were a bit hungry after serving a 30-minute detention for walking out of class on Nov. 7 in response to the firing of Chris Orr. Their parents served them pizza right after completing their punishment.
(OBSERVER photo by Antonio R. Harvey)

But inside Christian Brothers’ cafeteria there was more of a controlled atmosphere between 3:00 and 3:30 p.m. However, this setting was by design and aimed for discipline.

More than 100 students had to serve detention for an unauthorized “walk out” of class on Nov. 7 to attend a rally in front of the school in support of fired principal Chris Orr.

While the students served out their punishment, they did receive support from the parents. Also, for standing up for their position of the matter, they were treated to pizza by Daisy Po’oi and Tracy Brown. Ms. Po’oi and Ms. Brown have children who attend Christian Brothers.

For the past few weeks, some of the students who support Orr have held similar protests in front of the school, though the demonstration on Nov. 7 was the largest.

The parents who have been organizing meetings in an effort to reinstate Orr said there will be more activities in the future.

In addition, the parents have informed the local media that members of Christian Brothers’ school board have agreed to meet with community leaders to discuss the Orr issue.

As of press time, a date and time for the meeting has yet to be determined.

OBSERVER Staff Report