She’s a mom, a wife, an attorney, a teacher and those titles are just a few of the hats Twa’Lea Jordan wears. She recently added author to her resume, having penned the book “Power Moves” with her husband Andre Jordan, sharing how they got out of debt.

She’s at it again, adding yet another layer to her story. Twa’Lea Jordan recently opened Unconventional Concepts, an educational center on Power Inn Road, where she teaches homeschool students and offers a number of learning experiences for other children.

Her programs include a CEO Academy for little ones, where they learn to start their own businesses and manage money and a World School Project, that teaches youth about different places around the globe and then takes them there to experience it firsthand. Ms. Jordan is also hosting tea parties and birthday parties in the brightly decorated space.

The space can also be rented out for private events. For more information, visit

Unconventional Concepts

Photos by Ray Johnson & Video by Russell Stiger Jr.