Ray Green is in a tight race for the Sacramento County Board of Education’s Area 2 seat against Karina Talamantes. The two candidates are basically tied with provisional votes left to be counted to decide the competition. (OBSERVER photo by Antonio R. Harvey)

SACRAMENTO — The most watched campaign in the last few months in Sacramento County, for the June 5 election, practically turned out not to be a race at all.

Currently, incumbent Anne Marie Schubert comfortably won re-elections as the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office. Schubert defeated candidate Noah Phillips 72,199 votes to 40,634 with 573 of 573 precincts reported.

Since Schubert earned 64 percent of the votes and Phillips is finished with 36 percent, this race is over without a runoff. Meaning Schubert will serve for another four years in the position.

In the Sacramento County Sheriff’s race, incumbent Scott Jones’ 561,315 votes lead Donna Cox’s 23,734, Milo Fitch’s 22,944, and Bret Daniels’ 6,274.

For Sacramento City Council, incumbent Rick Jennings had nothing to worry about holding on to District 7 as his 3,968 votes towerws over Tristan Brown’s 1,095 with 100 percent precincts reported.

Ray Green and Karina Talamantes appears to have locked up the race for Sacramento County Board of Education ‘s Area 2. As of 2:32 am. on June 6, Green has 4,923 votes while Talamantes has 4,825 votes. Green, a first-time political candidate is leaning on faith.

“I think it’s a door that only God can open,” Green told the OBSERVER. “I’m a young Black boy coming from the Central Valley trying to make a difference when it comes to education. I think right now what you’re seeing right now, what you’re witnessing, a hope of change. I’m excited.”
By Antonio R. Harvey
OBSERVER Staff Writer