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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Sacramento officials said Wednesday that they have made 29 arrests and seized 211 firearms as part of a crackdown on gang violence this month.

The sweep was organized by city, county and federal law enforcement agencies after a shooting in August at a neighborhood park on the city’s south side.

Investigators say the shooting was the result of a two-year feud by rival gangs that brought other shootings, attempted murders and slayings.

More than 200 officers began making arrests and serving more than 30 search warrants last week.

The 29 suspects face charges including homicide, robbery, narcotic sales, auto theft, identity theft, firearms trafficking and firearms possession.

The seized firearms included assault weapons and machine guns, police said, while many other weapons were illegally altered.

The sweep has ended, but authorities said ongoing investigations are expected to bring more arrests.

Investigators said they also learned much more about the scope of the street gangs in the Sacramento region.

The Sacramento crackdown follows similar recent gang sweeps in Bakersfield and Stockton