Unforeseen shot an webisode in Roseville. From left to right are Crystal Hornsby, P.J. Smith (co-founder), Kayla Thurston, Plex Williams, Cervanté Burrell (founder), Pricilla Guerra, and Chantelle Duncan.
(OBSERVER Photo by Antonio R. Harvey)

SACRAMENTO — The Unforeseen will unleashed its Episode 5 at a “Red Carpet Premiere” at the Guild Theater in Oak Park on April 9. The guest speaker is local American hero, Anthony Sadler.  The event starts at 6:30 p.m.

Founder Cervanté Burrell and co-founder P.J. Smith created the nonprofit organization, which is geared to highlighting student achievements and integrity through adversity.

Simply called, the Unforeseen, Burrell and Smith, both products of the Sacramento Unified School District, provide day-long experiences for less fortunate, high-achieving, high school students in the Sacramento region
“We have filmed four episodes and the fifth will be shown April 9,” Burrell told The OBSERVER after filming a segment in Roseville on March 17. “We call them ‘webisodes’ and you can see them on youtube.”

These college-graduates also ensure that the youth will not forget their amazing day or what they learned, while providing them resources and mentors to help them through their journey to college and into adulthood.

The eligible and selected students that participate are ages 13 to 18, from all races, backgrounds, and ethnicities who show good character and classroom, academic performers. The lesson? Is that “integrity does not go unnoticed” and is rewarded, Burrell and Smith said.

“Were doing this because we want to create a systemic change in our community and the best way to start is with a generation of young people,” Smith said. “The cliché thing to say is that ‘they are our future.’ Well, we want to highlight them as an example of doing wonderful things in the community, for themselves and their loved ones.”

For the fifth webisode, Unforeseen will feature senior Crystal Hornsby, who attends Sacramento Charter High School, and sophomore Pricilla Guerra, from Health Professions High School.

The Unforeseen crew surprised the young ladies one morning to take them on an excursion that included a visit to a hair salon and helping a chef make an Italian dish.

“I didn’t expect this opportunity at all. But it was a great experience,” Hornsby said. “It was pretty fun. We went to a hair salon, got our hair washed, added a few extensions, and hair coloring We also made pasta with a special chef.”

The Unforeseen is not only a day full of new and exciting experiences for the selected student. It’s also impacts everyone involved from the students, their families, high schools, communities, sponsors, and donors.

“It was something new.,” Guerra said. “What (Unforeseeen) is doing is good for kids and shows what they can have in the future. It’s like they say, ‘we’re seen’ and they acknowledged everything that we’re doing good.”

Smith went to Center High School, played basketball at California State University, Stanislaus, and then transferred to Sacramento State University where he graduated in Mass Communications.

Burrell graduated from Sacramento Charter School, played basketball for Seattle University where he obtained a degree in sociology.  He’s actually back on Sac High’s campus as an employee.
“I love the world and I love working with the youth,” Burrell said. “I’ve always been a motivator and someone to look up to as far as a pillar the youth can idolize their life after. This fits perfectly with what I wanted to do and what I’ve been doing all my life.”

The event at the Guild Theater cost of admission is $20 for adults and $10 for studerst with high school identification. For information, call 9916) 905-5740 or write to ContactTheUnforeseen@gmail.com.com