OPINION –  About 15 months ago I remember distinctly a loved one saying to me “You know Lynnis you are getting older.  You really should stop dancing, and perhaps teach dance.  You have such great experience it should be shared with others. Plus, you don’t want to be one of those people who is up there looking bad and people are saying  ‘she really needs to sit down.’”   I remember these words like it was yesterday.  They were powerful words because they came from someone who says they love and care about me.  I don’t doubt that they do but I must say that my self-confidence took a real blow and I stopped dancing. But what happened as a result of my letting go of something that truly is a part of my essence?

  • I began to lose my focus– for me dance was a way for me to connect with the divine within and to connect with God. It helped me to focus on my relationship with myself and God. It help me to focus on something within essence
  • I started to loose my creative energy – for me dance is a way to exert my creative energy.  It also helps me to connect with other creative forces that are within in me.  Because of what I do for a living tapping into my creative energy is essential.
  • I stopped taking time for me – when I was dancing it was also my alone time.  Even if I am with a room full or auditorium full of people there is a time when I allow myself to just be. I separate myself from all the outer distractions and focus on the movement and my spiritual essence unlike any other time.
  • I began to lose confidence in general – dancing is something I know I do well. I have studied for over 40 years and prepared myself to be strong in my body and spirit. Dancing was a source of confidence for me. It help me to have confidence in myself and my other abilities.
  • I started to feel like something was missing – dance is a part of my DNA. I have been dancing since I was 4 years old. To not dance didn’t feel right.  I felt like less of a person. I felt this emptiness that is hard to explain.

I share this with you because I truly feel that whatever makes you whole and healthy you should continue to do…no matter what others may say.  When you stop “doing you” you risk:

  • Losing your focus
  • Losing that energy force that makes you, YOU
  • Losing that special relationship you have with you
  • Losing an important part of your self-confidence
  • Losing a piece of you that makes you whole

You are the best judge when it comes to what you need to thrive and survive.  You are the best judge when it comes to what ultimately makes you feel joyful and happy.