Mike Dailey and Dr. Cornel West
Michael Dailey, on the left of Dr. Cornel West, is having a book signing and discussion of his book Truth Matters at Undergound Books Jan. 16. Dailey will also discuss his collaborations with Dr. West.

SACRAMENTO — With all the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. activities looming in the Sacramento area, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to attend Michael Dailey’s book signing and reception at Underground Books.

The literary affair is from 2:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m., on Saturday, Jan. 16. Dailey will discuss his 180-page book, “Truth Matters: A Love Revolution,” which on sale at the bookstore.

Dailey has an impressive musical background having worked with entertainers such as Bobby Brown, the Jacksons, Black Girl, KRS-ONE, Talib Kweli, and Dead Prez among many.

An added note, Dailey has also worked with Dr. Cornel West for the last 15 years on several projects. He was the maestro behind Dr. West’s musical projects, “Sketches of my Culture,” Street Knowledge,” and “Never Forget the Journey.”

Dailey says his current book, “Truth Matters: A Love Revolution,” actually was a music CD that turned into a paperback that informs and empowers the Black community.

What was intended to be music for a record label owned by professional athletes and a well-known singer ended up as something unknown and unique.

“I always try to do something that nobody does,”Dailey told The OBSERVER at Old Soul coffee house in Oak Park. “When we did the music it was different. The reason I wrote the book was to let the (record company) know, ‘You guys missed out on something.’”

The book, which comes with a CD for a read-along, contains 13 chapters, starting with “The Journey,” “Stolen Kings,” Freedom Blues,” all the way down to “What A Matter Of…,” and “The Finale.”

The book also contains “Revolutionary Testimonies” from Dr. West, Michael Eric Dyson, and the imprisoned Mumia Abu-Jamal. Dr. West said Dailey is an “incredible thinker” who also has talent with “an extraordinary vision.”

Dailey said the book itself is basically a tribute to Dr. West, though it also honors Black history, American history as well as the struggles, injustice, and fight for freedom. He was also compelled to share things in the book he had no knowledge of until he began his research.

“I didn’t know Black people were the first to invent lawnmowers or refrigerators,” Dailey said. “We invented that first. But all the stuff we invented was stolen from us by the Europeans and they got rich off it. If we would have done all the things we were supposed to do America would be ours,” he added.

He was raised in Hanford, Calif., and has experienced trials and tribulations just like any other person in life. He was incarcerated at one point, but did not return after the brief setback.

“When I first got out of (jail) I wanted to go back,” he said. “But then I said to myself, ‘Now I know why these guys go back.’ It seems easier in there. Every day you know your destiny in there. I learned that it was just part of a journey. I don’t want to ever go back. You can make a change. You just have to want to do it.”

In 1982, Dailey met musician and producer Robert Brookins at the night club Galactica 2000 in downtown Sacramento. They partnered up, became good friends, and Brookins introduced him to some of musical icons of the time. Brookins passed away a few years ago.

“Musically, he was the one that influenced me,” Dailey said.
Dailey said he will talk a lot more about the book and the people that have a role in it at the book signing. The doors open at 1:45 pm.

Underground Books is located at 2814 35th Street in Oak Park. For more information about “Truth Matters: A Love Revolution,” call (916) 737-3333.
By Antonio R. Harvey
OBSERVER Staff Writer