OPINION – An anonymous person once said: “When life gets a little blurry, just adjust your focus.”

In life, it is so easy to let the chaos around us become our focal point especially when the negativity of our existence is thrown in our faces 24/7. For example, I can’t think of the last time a news story broke that was uplifting, inspirational or emotionally moving. Instead, I’ve witnessed who shot whom, the skin color of who shot whom, the badge number of who shot whom, who shot whom street marches, movements that don’t matter and to make matters worse, we have a world where those who should not be looked up to (i.e. garbage reality stars) have become what the next generation is desiring to be like.

So, in a free world that is not free, how then do we as human beings focus on all the good in our own lives when all the bad is being thrown at us?

I think it’s fair to say that what you focus on grows and with the focal points that manifest all around us being pointed in a fearful direction, it’s no wonder we have a world filled with disorder, confusion and disarray. However, upon our delivery to planet earth, we were birthed with the power of choice with the rare ability to choose what we as individuals decide to center our own attention to.

For example, if you dwell on what went wrong by having conversations with other people about the uncertain things in your life then more of those unwanted things will continue to show themselves.  And the same goes for the opposite, if you place your center of attention on the solution and/or on what is going right for you it is a fact that you will be given more things to be grateful for.

And the above point brings me back to the start of this column. We can sit back and play the blame game or we as humans can wake up every day with our focus solely on all the good in this world, all the blessings that have been bestowed to all of us and carry out a life that has an emphasis on adjusting our own lens to create a reality of our own future.

You see, this philosophy is simple; Focus on what you want and everything else falls away.

Be Bold. Be Great. Be You.