(SACRAMENTO) – The local non-profit organization,”The Gardens” has adopted 12 families for the Christmas holidays. Within these families, there is at least one person, affected or infected by the AIDS virus.

Executive Director Ronald King is asking for help from the community, and shares that there are 18 children within this group.

“One family, we recently moved into housing, needs pots, pan, blankets, dishes, any household items, we are truly in need of clothing for the children, coats, socks, warm items, lots of food,” King said.

“With the advance in medicine and treatment, there is not much talk about the HIV/AIDS virus, still within low-income communities, communities of color, especially African Americans, the virus is still a major health problem, it is still taking lives and still one of the ‘silent killers’ because we are still not talking about it, the stigma, the shame, still uneducated about this virus,” he continued.

The Gardens is also helping homeless veterans. Donated items, can be dropped off at The Gardens, at 2251 Florin Road, Suite 129.

 For more information on how to help, call (916) 427-1593 or visit