(NNPA) – The Meridian System, a foundation principle of ancient and traditional Chinese medicine; and, the essence of Acupuncture therapy, seems to have earned its place as a credible and important concept in western medicine.

Ancient Chinese believed the Meridian System runs throughout the human body carrying energy (QI). It is this system that Acupuncturists access with needles through Acupuncture points whether they are treating pain in a patient’s back, assisting a patient through a weight loss program or helping someone beat a smoking habit, etc.

Despite Acupuncture’s reputation for treatment success, western medicine has remained skeptical of its truth, its healing value, and the existence of meridians in general—primarily because scientists were never able to confirm the existence of such a system.

A recent article by Diane-Sheppard, Ph.D., L.Ac., provided startling background information that challenges outdated western theory on this issue and lends credibility to the existence of the Meridian System.

According to Sheppard, a Korean doctor named Kim Bonghan was the first to publish a description of the ancient Chinese Meridians in the 1960s. Although researchers in Japan confirmed his work in 1967, Bonghan’s findings were basically dismissed by western medicine because he allegedly, failed to leave details regarding how his outcomes were determined.

Although westerners claimed Bonghan’s findings could not be authenticated—Meridians are now identified as Bonghan Channels—a direct result of his breakthrough work.

Believe it or not, Bonghan Channels have been mapped by modern technology in such major discipline processes as electron spectroscopy (a technique used to study the electric structure in atoms and molecules) and CT scans (special x-rays that scan cross-section images of the body). According to Sheppard, modern researchers have “actually identified and mapped physical structures that closely correspond to traditional meridians.”

Although the concept of meridians existed in the annals of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, western medicine historically treated it as lore. It is now more than apparent, what western medicine identified as lore is more than a mixture of Chinese wisdom tradition and myth, it is real.

According to researchers, Bonghan Channels appear to carry biophotons (a combination of the Greek words for life and light). Biophotons are normally seen in lightening bugs and deep water fish that glow). Biophotons are emitted by DNA molecules and produce a laser-like light that appears to carry tremendous amounts of information through the Bonghan Channels. Imagine the fodder for science fiction stories—human beings as carriers of intelligent light.

This almost unbelievable phenomenon was actually confirmed as far back as 1991 by Russian researchers and again confirmed in both 1992 and 2005 in studies published by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

In 2009, the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies identified the Bonghan System as a “newly-discovered circulatory system”. The report also proposed, Bonghan’s System may have breakthrough significance for modern medicine. Of significant interest is Bonghan Systems have even been observed surrounding tumor tissues—a finding which “may have great significance in relation to serious health problems in modern society, namely, obesity and cancer.”

Understanding Bonghan Channels actually do exist, may inspire skeptical patients to consider Acupuncture as an option for pain management. Currently, many medical plans are stingy with their authorizations for treatment by an Acupuncturist; but, are more than generous with their prescription authorizations for pain pills and muscle relaxers that come with long lists of dangerous side effects. Chronic pain suffers might consider challenging their health insurers for more access to Acupuncture therapy as a treatment option.


By Andre Loftis
Special to the NNPA from Black Voice News

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