OPINION – “Without continual growth and progress , such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.” -Benjamin Franklin

I’ve taken some time more recently to study the art of humanity and the process in which we grow by. The irony in this study is that I have found that the majority of humans die mentally by the age of 25 but don’t get buried until the age of 85.

It would appear on some molecular level that humans have come to their own conclusions on what life is suppose to look like, conditioned beliefs on politics and a variety of their own personal experiences that bring forth a cap on personal growth and the manifestations of all there is.

However, this explains why so many people become shocked to hear how many books I have read over the last 10 years of my life. There is no secret that I am an avid supporter of personal growth, pushing the envelope (so to speak) on being the deliberate creators that we are as individuals and the power of being obsessed with the inner space that exists within.

You see, between the beginning of life up until the end there is a space. A solar system of sorts where the universe expands to the direction of which we direct it. But when internal growth and mental growth is stifled somewhere in between the middle and the end, we become stagnate in the evolution that naturally wants to progress in every area of our lives.

Therefore, without perpetual inner growth we cannot call our lives success in any form. Coming to this conscious awareness is in essence your fresh start to the realization of what success really is. It’s simply broken down into two words:

“Continual growth”

Because in the end, we are all either progressing or regressing but we are never just standing still.

Be Bold. Be Great. Be You.