OPINION – “No more distractions, it’s time for me to be selfish.” -Anonymous

I get asked quite often: “Tiana how do you schedule your day? And more importantly how do you schedule your life?”

Social media has a weird way of exposing the things you are doing and the things you are not doing which has been gracefully explained to me by a friend during our recent conversation about life and more specifically about my life and the pursuit of the ultimate time and financial freedom we all desire to create for ourselves.

While engaged in a mastermind of ideas, plans and truth’s about what that looks like for her as well as myself, I couldn’t help but to wonder how many people wake up everyday in the land of the free but yet are shackled by the mistakes of putting everyone’s goals ahead of their own?

I truly believe that life has a weird way of gifting us what we make a priority and the majority of the time we tend to not attain what we sincerely desire because we say “yes” to everyone else without saying “yes” to our own ideals and dreams first.

I learned this lesson while on my own journey towards self discovery. For many many years I sacrificed my own time freedom by becoming chained to my business and the people involved. I found that being “selfless” can become the catalyst for failure in every area of life and in essence was my own downfall at one time.

When I became aware of what I allowed to manifest in my life and business I started to shift my priorities which in turn allowed me to move in the direction of exactly what and where I deserved to be.

By shifting my time and energy into the “yes” column of myself, people, places and opportunities begun to show themselves on a daily basis which in turn allowed me to say “yes” to more of my dreams. However, the irony in making the decision to focus more on yourself comes with it some resistance.
Resistance from the world which without any doubts will always interrupt you when you are trying to find time to do what’s best for you. Knowing this, by writing out what your top priorities are that you live by on a daily basis, it will allow you to continue to keep your commitment to yourself and schedule your life around them.

After all, putting yourself first doesn’t mean you are selfish it simply means that it’s necessary.

Be Bold. Be Great. Be You.