OPINION – I just came back from a two-week bout with the cold and flu.  As I think about it now I realize that I started feeling poorly when I lost my “mojo.”  What is my definition of “mojo”?  For me “mojo” is another word for that part of me that keeps me motivated, energized and inspired.  That part of me that gets excited about what the day may bring. That part of my personality that gets going at top speed even when things get tough!

We all hit points in our lives when we just don’t feel like moving forward.  We sometimes feel overwhelmed, discouraged and fatigued.  There are some days when we don’t even want to get out of bed!  When I realized I had lost my “mojo” I was already sick.  So what could I have done to make sure that I kept my energy, enthusiasm and motivation to get through the day?  I gave it some thought and here is what I am committing to, to make sure that I keep my “mojo”and my health.

Don’t Cheat – yourselves when it comes to rest. It is necessary for your body and your spirit.  It is hard to encourage yourself and stay motivated if you are not rested.  Many times we burn the candles at both ends and wonder why we don’t feel quite up to par. Taking a 10 minute power nap works, sacrificing a TV program to go to bed a bit early works also. Bottom line, you have to make sure you get enough rest. Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of how your immune system gets run down and when that happens …well you know the rest of the story.  (Try the essential oil Lavender to help you sleep. Diffuse it, or put it on your temples,  take a drop or two and mix with water and spray it on your bed sheets)

Stop Acting Like You Live In A Desert – I can’t say enough about the need to drink plenty of water. It really does help to flush out the toxins. It also can act as an energizer because of the electrolytes in water.  Your brain is comprised of 90 percent water so when you take the time to drink water you will find your thinking is clearer and more focused. (Try adding a drop of Lemon essential oil to enhance taste, detox the liver, and jumpstart your metabolism in the morning)

You Are What You Eat – Many of us are conscious of how many calories we are eating but are we conscious of making sure we are eating enough of the right things.  If we don’t eat enough dark green leafy vegetables, berries and nuts, foods that aren’t processed, lean meats (or other vegan sources of protein), foods high in calcium and Omega 3, legumes etc …then we aren’t going to have enough energy to do all that we want to do. Not enough good food in, not enough vitality and enthusiasm out! (Sometimes we need supplements to make sure we have enough of what we need to stay well)

Balancing Act – Many of us are driven to accomplish our goals and dreams.  We push ourselves in many cases to meet those tight self-imposed deadlines and over thee top expectations!  We forget to balance all of that push with some quality time in the relaxation zone.  We need to commit to putting our need to have a LIFE on the front burner (some of us don’t even put it on the stove!) Spend time with your girlfriends, have date night with your significant other on a regular basis, or try taking a rejuvenating brisk walk in the afternoon to break up your routine during the day.